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Good Nursery Design Made Easy with Limited Color Scheme

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There are endless ways to create a lovely nursery. Everyone can create their own design after studying some basic guidelines.

On this page we shall concentrate on limited color scheme examples after the following introduction:

Nursery Floor Plan

Before starting the nursery project, make sure that you have a good floor plan.
The number and size of furniture must be suitable for the actual space.
In larger rooms it is acceptable to fit large storage units. In smaller rooms it is advisable to use only the absolutely essential furniture in order to avoid an uncomfortable jammed surroundings.
Use this grid to create your own plan.

Try several layout options and make sure that you are completely satisfied with the results before you rush to invest in furnishing.

If possible:

Avoid locating the crib by a window.
Avoid placing furniture close to the entrance.
Arrange the furniture in a practical location so that essential items are within easy reach.

Color Scheme

A color scheme is a selected combination of colors. When successfully planned for interiors, any desirable atmosphere can be achieved.
The choice of color scheme is the next step after the completion of the layout.
Being a most crucial and complicated factor in interior design, a color scheme should be considered with a lot of thought.
Everything in the room is part of it: the setting, the furnishing, the decorations. Therefore, color of each element must be determined in accordance with the general plan before the start of the project.
Color is an emotional matter thus it affects each of us in a different way. Some colors make us feel good while other cause us to feel uneasy. Each of us has his preference and most people are aware of the colors that make them feel good.
When it comes to nursery design it is essential to choose a combination of colors that both our child and ourselves can feel comfortable with. Before choosing a color scheme here are some basic recommendations to consider:
The amount of light that enters the room should be taken into account.
A choice of 2 - 4 harmonious colors is sufficient to create a successful room.
A choice of neutral light tones for the setting is most desirable as most colors blend so well with them. For the same reason neutral colors also make the designing relatively simpler, especially for the inexperienced person.
A setting of appealing colors of medium tones can be most effective when used with plenty of contrasting white furnishing and/or with light colored decorations.
If strong vivid colors are desired, they should be used very carefully. They must be used sparingly and always together with softer colors that calm down their strong effect.
Although a combination of several strong colors is not recommended, few splashes of strong colors can be used for accent and interest, especially in light neutral surroundings.

A simple but effective way to choose a color scheme can be achieved by getting an inspiration from objects that we like. These can come either from man made creations like rugs and artwork or from the endless wonders of nature.

While it is not necessary to get deep into the color theory, it is essential to read on the subject in good interior design books and to study as many examples as possible before starting the task. By understanding some basic principles, a good design can be more easily achieved and costly mistakes can be avoided.


The color of furniture is part of the general color plan, therefore, it should be determined when the color scheme is chosen. The chosen color must look good against the background. The intensity of contrasts and tones must also be taken into consideration in order to achieve the desired look.
Once the color is chosen, the ultimate furniture can be searched for. Whether looking for classic or contemporary, it is essential to choose furniture of good quality and design, such that can be used for a considerable length of time.
Furniture designed to grow with the child is the best choice in spite of the high primary investment.

Soft Furnishing

The choice of decorations and soft furnishing is the last step.
As with furniture, colors of soft furnishing and decorations are part of the general color scheme. Successful choice of these decorative elements is very important as they give the final touch that actually creates the room's unique look. While most basic kids furniture is similar, soft furnishing come in an endless variety.
Decorative objects and soft furnishing reflect the taste and the imagination of the owner thus giving a personal touch.

Limited Color Scheme

I personally prefer a limited color scheme.

The beauty of the limited color scheme design can be seen and appreciated below, in the lovely display of rooms by Izziottnot Products.
Also, please note the quality and the superb design of the furniture itself.

White, which is always a winner, is dominant in this lovely room.
Note the impact of the colorful yet gentle and harmonious rug, as well as that of the pink chandelier, the pillow and boxes on the look of the room.
The cot linen is soft with only touches of the same colors chosen for the decorations. The feel is fresh, clean, calm and interesting.

The dominant color in this room is pink. It looks so soft against the white background. By only two main colors with just a hint of close tones, a lovely atmosphere has been created in this girl's room.

Here is another lovely girl's room of two dominant colors. Note the single, pink painted wall that creates a contrasting background to the white chest of drawers. The feel is charming without being too sweet.

Here is a great combination of blue, red and yellow against white walls and floor. A strong impact is created by the dominant bold blue and the generous white background.
There is no clash amongst the primary colors as only the blue is dominant. The red and yellow are minor and are used to add warmth and interest.
The feel is clean, fresh and modern.

This is another lovely room that creates a sense of tranquility. Floor and walls of warm neutral tones gently emphasize the white furniture and the pink decorations. The white rug adds softness and warmth.
Too strong or dominant pink can spoil a room if used in exaggerated proportions.
In this design the pink is used wisely. The tones are light and just in the right amount to create a harmonious surroundings.

Four colors are present in this room yet the effect is so calm and harmonious.
The white painted furniture and walls, and the light wood accents and flooring blend so softly with one another and create a pleasant atmosphere that is enhanced by subtle decorations and soft furnishing elements.
The solid red box does not disturb the serenity of this room.
Being the only strong color, the red adds interest to this room.

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