Creative Baby Shower Favor Ideas

I love to get baby shower favor when I am a guest , it makes me feel special ! Baby shower favors can complete a party theme or stand on their own.

Before choosing your baby shower favor take into account these considerations:

Know the amount of guests that will be arriving to the baby shower.
Know your favors budget.
Consider your baby shower theme - Optional.
Know the ages and sex of your guests so your favors will suit everyone.
Creating centerpieces for your baby shower that can later be turned into favors to give out to the guests will save your time and money!

Here are some fun favors and creative packaging ideas to ensure that the new mom and her guests will remember the joyous event:

mini plastic bottles baby shower favor

Buy some baby bottles and fill them with jelly beans, with M&Ms, or many other kinds of sweet treats, then tie them with a colorful ribbon.

baby shower flower bouquet favor

Wrap flowers (buy them in bunches at the local grocery store) in floral tissue to make easy-to-carry bouquets, and tuck in a tag with a guest's name. Place in water-filled juice glasses for tabletop grouping and to keep fresh during the event. Use the bouquets as centerpieces during a party and as favors for guests to take home after the celebration.

baby shower personalized baby camera favor

Invite your guests to capture memorable moments through their own lens with these disposable cameras . You can find reasonably priced disposable cameras in a variety of colors on the net.

baby shower boxes favor

Buy some small wooden boxes and fill them with Japanese green tea leaves .Wrap the boxes with paper and tie with colorful ribbon.

baby shower favor block candles

Buy some scented candles, organza fabric or tulle and ribbons. Cut circles of fabric, place the candle in the middle of it then bring all edges to the center and tie with a colorful ribbon.

baby shower footprint cookies cutter

Buy some cookie cutters in all kinds of shapes that suite your theme, wrap them in cellophane paper, tie them with a colorful ribbon and add a card "thank you for coming".

baby shower silver pail favor

Buy some colorful mini pails and fill them with candies. In addition you can insert a paper daisy with a lollipop poked through its center into each pail.
Bake some mini cinnamon buns (you can use the ready-to-make type such us Pillsbury), wrap them in a clear bag then tie with a colorful ribbon. Place a card saying "Thank you for coming from "name of mommy-to-be" and her little bun in the oven".
Buy some baby socks, fill them with candies and tie the top with ribbon.
Buy some inexpensive cloth napkins. Fold up like a diaper; fill the diaper with personalized Hershey's Kisses, M & M's, nuts, jelly beans or other baby shower candy inside. Close the diaper with a baby pin.
For more various creative and fun baby shower ideas

If you are interested in DIY projects take a look at these beautiful and inexpensive baby shower favors.

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