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My Practical Pregnancy Week by Week Checklist

My Practical Pregnancy Checklist

Congratulations you are pregnant!
Prepare yourself to the arrival of your baby by using this Practical Pregnancy Week by Week Checklist.
This Pregnancy Week by Week Checklist will help you keep updated about the routine tasks during your pregnancy.

Your First Trimester Tasks

Weeks 1-4

Take pregnancy test - Is it positive? Congratulations!

Calculate your due date.

Share the good news with your partner!

Learn what to expect from the first trimester.

Begin taking folic acid each day.

Choose your O&G and schedule your first prenatal visit.

Find out what is safe and what is not during pregnancy.

Check your health insurance.

Weeks 5-8

Start doing Kegel exercises to strengthen pelvic muscles.

Start eating a healthy and nutritious prenatal diet.

Find out which prenatal tests you may need.

Chart your weight gain throughout pregnancy.

Find out how to help relieve morning sickness.

Have a first prenatal checkup

Learn about the early screening tests.

Weeks 9-13

Shop for maternity clothes and learn about pregnancy body changes.

Start a safe prenatal exercise routine.

Consult with your doctor about getting the flu shot.

Have an early screening tests.

Share the good news with your family and friends!

Have a medical checkup.

Your Second Trimester Tasks

Weeks 14-16

Tell your employer you are pregnant.

Check your budget to start save for your baby.

Take baby's first picture—the ultrasound.

If you're RH negative, it's time to ask your doctor about a RhoGam shot.

Take pictures of your growing belly.

Have a medical checkup.

Try prenatal yoga for a mind-body workout and pregnancy massage therapy. Massage during pregnancy helps to ease anxiety, stress, and aches/pains.

Weeks 17-20

Start planning your baby's nursery.

Have a medical checkup.

Have a standard mid-pregnancy ultrasound.

Have an amniocentesis and triple screen (week 15-18)

If you haven't had one lately, schedule a regular dental checkup.

Your libido may be back in full force. Get comfortable with sex during pregnancy.

Treat pregnancy heartburn whenever it flares up.

Is baby moving? Know what to expect from baby's first kicks!

Try prenatal yoga for a mind-body workout.

Weeks 21-24

Check your vision. Pregnancy vision changes are common and can be a sign of complications.

Know how to manage varicose veins.

Get comfortable with your rapidly changing body and boost your self-esteem.

Take a time-out to pamper yourself.

Time to start preparing your nursery.

Start working out the details of your maternity leave now.

Have a medical checkup.

Your Third Trimester Tasks

Weeks 25-28

Do you want a doula? If the answer is yes, start interviews.

Send out baby shower invitations.

Register for Shower gifts.

Make sure you know the signs of premature labor.

Know your cord blood banking options.

Get tested for gestational diabetes.

Have a medical checkup.

Weeks 29-32

Start fetal kick counts.

Arrange your Baby shower.

Start your childbirth class.

Have a medical checkup ( two this month).

Weeks 33-35

Create your birth plan.

Have a group B strep test (weeks 35-37)

Have a medical checkup ( two this month).

Pack your hospital bag.

Ask your doctor about Baby's position and how it may impact childbirth.

If you choose to store your baby's cord blood, contact cord blood bank ,if not consider donating.

Know the differences between Braxton-Hicks contractions and true labor.

Baby's preparation

Sum up your selected baby names choices.

Organize your baby's nursery.

Check My Practical Baby Checklist and complete the purchase of essential products.

Call a Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) to help you install your car safety seat for free.

Make a list of friends and family for sharing the birth of your baby.

If you expecting a boy, learn about circumcision.

Childproof your house before your baby arrives.

Study up on newborn vaccines and find out what's best for your baby.

Choosing your baby's pediatrician.

Weeks 36-labor

Have a medical checkup (once a week until delivery).

Have a fetal non-stress test (NST).

Have a biophysical profile (BPP).

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