How to Plan a Baby's 1st Birthday Party

Birthdays are always special and when it is the first birthday of the kid it is surely a very delightful time for the parents to showcase their happiness by arranging a gorgeous party with 1st birthday cake and a lot of paraphernalia!

Here we bring you very useful planning tips for 1st birthday party of your kid so that you can make sure that it becomes a gala fest for everyone.

Know about the Active Baby Hours

You should make sure that you have selected the active hours of baby for celebrating party. Every child has particular time when they are active so check the patterns of your kid before planning her/his first birthday party. Kids become cranky and irritable if you start the party at the time of their sleep so surely avoid that situation.

Keep the Guest List Short

Kids don't like too many new faces around them and they become shy or behave indifferently in front of strangers. Therefore 1st birthday invitation list should be of very few people whom your kids have met before lot many times. Kids love to spend time with their grandparents so make sure they are on the top of the guest list. You can add people who have similar age group of kids as similar age group grabs attention of kids.

Additional Help (Baby sitter, Party handler or Organizer) 

You should hire baby sitter or helper for managing your guest properly. Most of the time people avoid this option and think that it is waste of money. But it is worthwhile option because you won’t have to take stress of handling your kid and guests at the same time.

You can also opt for party organizers and assistance from helpers as they will boost the charm of your party as well as your social persona.

Balloons, Birthday Cupcakes, Colorful Combination!

Adding colourful balloons, caps and colourful decor is very good idea as that will keep your kid and guests excited about the party.  This is appropriate decoration that you can make without investing lot and effortlessly. Using favourite cartoon character of your kid on cake will make him/her much more keen and interested in the party as well as 1th birthday food etc should also be made according to the liking of the kid.

Play Party for Small Kids (Plane Games, Toy Trains and Automobiles)

Play party is the best way of entertaining your kid and kids of guests. You can add toy trains, automobiles and other interesting games as these games will engage the attention of every kid only on the games. If you have invited smaller kids with their parents then this is the right option that will make kids happy and give their parents time to enjoy the evening.

You can indeed make way for a stress free and enjoyable party as you celebrate the birthday of your kid. With little bit of thoughtfulness, you can create an unforgettable party and don’t miss to capture the lovely moments by hiring a photographer as well!

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