Babies and Cats Co-Existence

This page is intended for cat owners who are expecting a new baby.
Yes they can! babies and cats can coexist!

After passing the frightening barrier of toxoplasmosis during pregnancy, you will probably hear a lot of unreliable information about the risks of raising cats with babies. Surprisingly, people who never had cats are usually the ones responsible for the misleading information. Unfortunately, many cats find their way out when the first baby comes in. As a cat lover and experienced owner, I will try to convince you that babies and cats can live happily and safely together.

Baby and cat live in co-existence

baby sleeps on a cat

Here are some tips: Try to understand what your cat feels about the new member you just brought in by looking through his eyes: Your cat sees a small, strange creature who is neither a kid nor a person. It makes a lot of noise and comes equipped with many useless accessories. What is it ???

Based on our personal experience we would like to give you some important tips that will help you through that process.

Before the arrival:

Try to introduce your cat to babies before bringing your own baby home. You can do that by inviting friends who already have babies. Examine carefully the cat behavior when both you and the cat are calm.
A baby cry can be very annoying even to your cat's ears. Both you and your cat will have to get use to it. Preparation process is very simple: Put your cat in front of "Youtube", choose some crying babies movies and let the cat watch and listen for few minutes every day.
Cat can react strangely to new smells. Try to bring home a piece of cloth or a blanket with the baby smell on it and let the cat examine it. When the baby arrives home the smell will be familiar to your cat.
Your cat will like to explore the baby's accessories and particularly the big ones like the stroller and crib. If you give the cat the time to do that before bringing the baby home, it will soon get used to the new accessories and will treat the baby as an additional item.
Important: Don’t panic if the cat jumps into the crib. It may want to examine it and maybe look for a nice place to rest. Once the baby is inside, your cat will not find the place suitable for a decent rest and will usually walk away. Of course you should always be around during the first few weeks as, with or without pets in the house, babies should never be left alone.

After the arrival:

When the baby arrives from hospital, let the cat examine him/her. If you are a bit stressed from that "meeting" I suggest putting your hand gently over the baby's eyes to protect them. Don’t panic if the cat decides to beat the baby gently with his paw, this is usually its way to check new things. Stay calm and let the cat feel that. In most cases it will smell the baby or rub it with its face (Cats have scent glands around their cheeks) and then go away.
Don’t change anything in the cat day routine. Let it do what it is allowed to do every day and don’t limit it because of the new baby. Let the cat satisfy its curiosity. If the cat feels that its territory is not threatened, it will pay little attention or even ignore the new comer.

Did you know that:

Many years ago, before we knew anything about SIDS, when a dead baby was found and there happened to be a cat around, it usually got the blame as that satisfied the need to blame somebody on the tragic event. If a cat was the real cause of death, then his fur would have drawn into the infant's airways (easy to prove). Note that you do not hear these kinds of stories nowadays.

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