Baby Names Choosing Tips

The following list will summarize our short and practical tips list for choosing proper baby names If you are considering a very rare name or some unique baby names make sure you follow the rules mentioned here.

It is interesting to know that:
was once a rare hindu name.
Now it appears 500 million times in google !

It is not recommended to be influenced by fashions. Fashions tend to have short life while names ought to last for decades. Giving a name after a celebrity might turn out to be a mistake. Today's celebrity can easily become unpopular tomorrow.
Combination with your surname:
When thinking of a name, always combine it with your surname and see how they sound together. There are many examples of very bad combinations like: Dick Lasalle (Dickless Al), or Mike Hunt, Al Takeshita . etc.
Longer first names work better with shorter surnames and vice versa. (for example: Bill Clinton). In addition, if you have a very rare surname, you will better avoid an also rare first name.
Combining a first name that ends in a vowel with a surname that starts with a vowel usually sounds wired - the names tend to run together, like "Dana Androvich".
Avoid first names that rhyme with your surname. It's probably wise to resist puns too. A name like "Peter Pen" or "Rosie Lee" will make your child miserable.
Uniqueness - There are kindergartens or school classes where the kids' names list specifies David A, David B and David C. Do you want your son to be one of those? The answer is not absolute, but it is something you need to take into account. Our professional names finder for babies will help you on that.
It is common that parents do not use their kids' full names but give them nicknames. It is suggested that you list all the possible nicknames and see if they make sense when combined with the surname. For example if your surname is Ray, do not call your son Raymond since he will soon be called Ray Ray.
Gender: Many names are unisex (Alex, Angel, Mallory.). There is no problem with that, but just take into account that from now on, nobody will know your kid's sex by just telling the name. It has some weight in specific cultures and specific jobs, and you need to decide if you want to add this burden your child's life.
Origin: Many parents-to-be in the US choose other options than the regular American names. There is a trend of choosing names from other origins. When choosing such names, make sure you fully understand their exact meaning.
Meaning of names will provide a large resource of name meaning, origin and Etymology.

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