Baby Shower Diaper Cakes Ideas

A Diaper Cake that Looks Like a Real Cake

Take a close look at this Diaper Cake and the Cupcakes, don't they look real cakes?

These were created by Daisy from Daisy's Diapers & Gifts.

The moment I saw these diaper cakes I thought I must share them with you. They are not the ordinary diaper cakes that you buy online. They are unique, made especially for your request and taste and most surprisingly look like real cakes.

Scroll down the page to see these cakes and cupcakes and read what Daisy has written to us.

Unique Handmade Diaper Cake
Unique Diaper Cupcakes
Unique Diaper Cupcakes
Unique Diaper Cupcakes
Unique Diaper Cupcakes
Unique Diaper Cupcakes

Daisy shares her scoop on this beautiful cake:

I'm inspired to do this by my own experience of becoming a mom for the first time almost 2 years ago. I had no idea about baby showers but I did hear about Diaper Cakes and I made my own. Nothing fancy really just some diapers rolled up and wrapped in red and black ribbon to match my ladybug theme.  

And today, I'm creating Diaper Cakes that look almost like real cakes. I continually strive to do something different and new. My cupcakes are my biggest seller!! I love what I do and the expression and gratitude of the moms who receive my creations is worth more than the money I make from doing this!  

So this particular cake here is rather small 2-tiered, topped with matching diaper cupcakes embellished with Tibetan silver tags I purchase from a seller on Etsy. All handmade. In some cases I actually sow flowers and butterflies on to tulle which is wrapped around my cakes. 

Each of my cakes is a direct inspiration from my clients who tell me what they like and don't like and I create their Dream Diaper Cake. It's a bit nerve wrecking at times because my clients put alot of trust in my creative talent and I'm always worried I can't deliver... however..... giving myself more credit because so far I haven't let them down and always receive rave reviews!  

I hope your readers think so as well. 

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