Baby Shower Gifts for Dad

Find Practical & Humorous Baby Shower Gifts for Dad

Couples' showers are much more common as dads all across the country are taking part in the care of their babies. OK then, let's start by thinking about the expectant dad and shower him with a lot of gifts.

Practical Gifts for Expectant Father

The new dad will need all of the help that he can get when the mom is away. Think about what would you buy for a mom to be and adapt these gifts to work for dad. Below you will find practical baby shower gift ideas for dad:
Little Boy Blue Slip Cover for Baby Front Pack CarriersDad's Carrier - I love to watch dad taking their babies in a carrier. With this practical gift dad can spend a quality time with his baby.
Petunia Pickle Bottom Scout Satellite SlingDad's Diaper Bag - There are a lot of stylish diaper bags for man in the market. Fill the diaper bag with some gag gifts such us goggles, thick rubber gloves, tongs and a clothespin to hold his nose. Place the items in a drawstring sack and stencil the words 'Diaper Tool Kit' on the front.
Mom's Heartbeat - Buying a stuffed animalthat echoes mom's heartbeat will help dad to calm his baby especially if he is breastfed and his mom is away.

Humorous Gifts

There are a variety of humorous gifts that you can give to a dad at a baby shower , these gifts will raise a smile on everyone's faces. I searched the web and found some humorous gifts just for dad:
A "Mute Button" pacifier will calm a crying baby.
A Daddy's Diaper Dootie Tool Belt that holds diapers, baby powder, baby wipes and baby-care necessities can be a comic gift for the dad who is handy around the house. These belts are available in specialty stores, or you can purchase a standard tool belt and fill it with the baby necessities that you choose.
A dad might enjoy a Superman Dad's humorous T-shirt with sayings such as "Bottle Man," "Diaper Changing Champion" or "Baby Daddy." You can have a shirt professionally printed, or you can do it yourself with stencils and fabric paint from the craft store.
Buy him a giant dad coffee mug coffee mug filled with coffee or espresso beans. Add a note: "This is the amount of caffeine you will need per serving to get through the sleepless early months of parenthood".
You can download this free printable note for your coffee mug gifts:

Nothing is more rewarding then becoming a Daddy. Let everyone know with this blue "Dad To Be" Award Medal.

Humorous New Dad Guides

There are a lot of funny tales of fatherhood, humorous new dad guides or collections of parenting humor essays written by fathers. Ask friends and family members to tell their own funniest fathering experiences, put them in writing and create your own compilation to give to the proud new papa.

Here are my favorite books:

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