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Breastfeeding in Public

The idea of breastfeeding in public is debatable matter. Some mothers feel uncomfortable breastfeeding their baby in public while others do it naturally and happily. Some people feel uncomfortable watching women who breastfeed in public while others approve.

Breastfeeding in public

I am a great supporter of the idea that a mother should not be ashamed to breastfeed in public.

When my baby was about one month old, I begun to take him out. Breastfeeding was something that made these outings more convenient for me. I didn't have to prepare a bottle, I just had to pull out my breast and feed him. So simple and so convenient!

At first I felt uncomfortable with the thought that everyone was looking at me, but after a thorough thought I decided to keep on and to ignore hostile staring.

Breastfeeding your baby is the natural way to feed him/her, so do not be ashamed to do it in public.

Here you can find some tips to help you breastfeed in public and to feel comfortable:
Use a small blanket to cover your shoulders and your baby's head while he nurses.
Buy a good nursing bra that you can fasten and unfasten easily with one hand.
Lift your shirt up just above nipple line and your baby's head will cover the breast and the nipple.
You can wear a loose-fitting shirt that you can lift up easily or use special nursing shirt which is available in stores.
Build up your confidence by breastfeeding in front of your friends and family who are supporters of breastfeeding.

Is it legal to breastfeed in public?

Breastfeeding publicly is legal in most places. Many countries and states actually have laws protecting breastfeeding in public. However, in places where this protective law does not exist, breastfeeding is BY NO MEANS considered ILLEGAL.

A mother doesn't need to cover up her breast or to go somewhere more private. If someone asks you to leave, you can politely say that breastfeeding in public is legal.

If you decide on breastfeed in public, be courageous and remember that the law is on your side.

Breastfeeding on Sesame Street

This video illustrates changing norms, particularly regarding what we think it’s acceptable to expose children to. In this video, a woman is breastfeeding her child in public and explains to an onlooker that the baby is drinking milk from her breast. What a great way to show children that breastfeeding a baby is natural thing.

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