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Breastfeeding Tips

I want to share with you a few helpful breastfeeding tips so that you can have the best start possible.

Try to breastfeed as soon as possible after birth. Place the baby at the breast. This is the time for your baby to discover where food comes from, not the time to fill the tummy. Sucking eases the tension that has built up during the stress of labor and birth.
Breastfeeding immediately after birth is good for mothers too. Stimulating the nipples, triggers the release of oxytocin which makes the uterus contract. This helps control postpartum bleeding and hastens the return of the uterus to its pre-pregnant size.
Breastfeeding frequently in the first hours and days after birth will also help your milk "come in" sooner.
This is important tip for moms who can't breastfeed immediately after birth. Don’t be stressed if the baby doesn't suck, as it isn't essential for the first twenty four hours.
Get help when you first time try to breastfeed. Breastfeeding is something new for you and for your baby.
If you don't succeed to breastfeed at the first day, don't worry, with the right guidance you will.
The first breast milk that comes out is the colostrum. This special milk is yellow to orange in color and thick and sticky. It is low in fat and high in carbohydrates, protein, and antibodies. If your baby doesn't suck try to squeeze your breasts so he can get this first breast milk.
On the third or fourth day your breast will be full of milk. At that time it will not be tender and you might feel pain. I myself had a severe pain. Fortunately I had found out that breastfeeding more frequently (8-12 times a day) had relieved the pain considerably. It is also helpful to squeeze the nipples before breastfeeding or massage the breast while taking a shower. This act can reduce pain as well as stimulate a flowing supply of milk.
If you don't breastfeed in the right position you may have sore nipples. Get help and contact a Lactation Consultant or your local La Leche League Leader.
You can heal sore nipples by putting your breast milk on the sore and of course continue to breastfeed even if it hurts. This is the quick way to heal them. Remember you shouldn't feel pain while breastfeeding. If you continue to feel pain get help to fix the baby's latch.
Breastfeed in a comfortable place. Make sure that all the objects you might need such as cell phone, TV remote control, a book, a newspaper and water are within easy reach.
You must drink a lot of water while you breastfeed.
Your body is working while breastfed, you burn calories. If you want to increase your supply of milk you should rest, drink and eat a varied and balanced diet.

I suggest you use these breastfeeding tips. They have given me the best start and have made breastfeeding easier for me and my baby. I succeed and so can you.

I will be more than glad if you contribute some breastfeeding tips from your own personal experience for the benefit of other moms.
Need breastfeeding advice? Visit our breastfeeding problems site where we can answer your specific breastfeeding problem question.

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