How to Make a Diaper Cake?

Diaper cake plays two roles, a great centerpiece and a gift for the mother to be. You can buy a diaper cake or do it yourself.

Diaper Cupcake

1. Before you start, consider the following details:

The theme of the baby shower.
The color scheme of the baby shower.
The number of tiers the diaper cake will have.
Its width.
Its decoration.

Once you have decided on the above details, prepare the ingredients.

2. Ingredients for 3 tiers of diaper cake:

60 Diapers newborn or stage 1 diapers (cloth or disposable).
Ribbon 1/4 inch wide.
Ribbon 1 inch wide, patterned to fit the baby shower theme.
60 small rubber bands.
6 large rubber bands.
One 8-oz baby bottle or one large bottle of baby lotion or empty cardboard roll.
One 4-oz baby bottle.
3 safety pin.
A cardboard or plastic cake platter.
Baby items - bibs, rattles, pacifiers, washcloths etc.

How many diapers should be used for each tier?

First tier - 36 diapers.
Second tier - 18 diapers.
Third tier- 6 diapers.

3. Directions:

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling, Get those Diapers Rolling…

Lay the diaper on the table and roll it up tight, start from the front of the diaper to its back, then place a rubber band around three quarters to hold it tight.

Tip: Roll the all diapers before you build the cake, try to give them a uniform shape.

How to Build the Cake Form?

For the core of the cake take 8 oz baby bottle, place a rubber band around the button of the bottle.
For the first ring of the first tier take 6 diapers and place them around between the rubber band and the core itself then tie them all together with a string to keep them tight.
For the second ring of the first tier take 12 diapers, place a large rubber band around the first ring and repeat the same action with the first ring.
For the third ring of the first tier take 18 diapers and return the same actions.

Congratulations you have finished the first tier!!

For the second tier there are two rings with 6 and 12 diapers, build the rings on the first tier , repeat the same actions.
For the third tier there is one ring with 6 diapers, place the 4 oz baby bottle on the first bottle and again repeat the same actions.

Tip: if you use a cardboard towel roll, cut a line on the center of it and put 3 rolled diaper inside.

It is fun time let's decorate your Diaper Cake

This is the fun part where you should be creative, use your imagination to decorate your diaper cake.

You can tie a wide ribbon or even receiving blankets around every tier with a safety pin.
Add baby items such us bibs, toys, wash cloths, baby hygiene products, pacifiers etc.
On top of the cake you can place a bow, pair of baby shoes or stuffed animals such as Winnie the Pooh, teddy bear, Elmo etc.

4. Place the diaper cake on a cardboard.

Following the recipe and watching these two videos will help you to make the cake.

How to make a diaper cake with a baby bottle as the core of the cake?

How to make a diaper cake with a cardboard towel roll?

Watch these Videos and follow this Simple Instructional Guide and make a remarkable diaper cake.

Good Luck!

Click to see diaper cakes that look like real cakes

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