Inexpensive DIY Centerpieces Tutorial

How to Make a Magnificent Butterfly Centerpiece

DIY Candy & Butterfly Centerpiece


DIY Candy & Butterfly Centerpiece
  • 5 paper towel rolls
  • A matt green wavy/corrugated paper
  • A metallic gold wavy/corrugated paper
  • A green silk ribbon
  • 5 feather butterflies in colors as suggested
  • A light green or light orange color dinner size plate
  • Candies in greens browns and gold wrapping
  • A strong glue
  • A circle of thick cardboard
  • A metallic ruler
  • A snap-off blade utility knife, stencil knife or scissors
  • A stapler

Step 1 Prepare the stripes of green and gold corrugated paper and the silk ribbons as follows:

  • Measure the height and circumference of your paper rolls. 
  • Using a stencil knife and metallic ruler, cut a long piece of the green wavy paper across the stripes to fit the height of your rolls. You can use scissors if preferred. 
  • Cut 5 pieces from the green stripe about 3/4" wider than the circumference along the stripes of the corrugated paper to allow overlap.
  • Cut 5 pieces 2 2/8" high of the metallic gold corrugated paper 3/4" wider than the circumference of the roll to allow overlap.  
  • Cut 5 stripes of green ribbon 3/8" wide, the same length of the gold stripe.  
DIY Candy & Butterfly Centerpiece step 1

Step 2 Place the stripe of green corrugated paper around the paper towel roll, and secure both ends with a staple. 

If preferred you can glue the ends but this is not necessary as the staples will not be seen when the rolls are assembled.

DIY Candy & Butterfly Centerpiece step 2

Step 3 Place the stripe of gold corrugated paper around the green roll, let it extend from the upper end, fit tightly and secure with a staple.

DIY Candy & Butterfly Centerpiece step 3

Step 4 Place the ribbon around the roll and glue the edges in place.

DIY Candy & Butterfly Centerpiece step 4

Step 5 Slide the gold paper ring to the center of the green roll.

DIY Candy & Butterfly Centerpiece step 4
DIY Candy & Butterfly Centerpiece
DIY Candy & Butterfly Centerpiece step 5

Step 6 Cut a circle of cardboard slightly smaller than the foot of the plate.

DIY Candy & Butterfly Centerpiece step 6

Step 7 Place 5 rolls on the table close together, seams inward, apply  strong glue to their edges, place the cardboard circle on top and press until the glue dries.

DIY Candy & Butterfly Centerpiece step 7

Step 8  Place a plate on top.

DIY Candy & Butterfly Centerpiece step 8

Step 9 Insert each butterfly's wire to its place behind the metallic gold ring.

DIY Candy & Butterfly Centerpiece step 9
DIY Candy & Butterfly Centerpiece

Step 10 Arrange candies neatly on the plate.

DIY Candy & Butterfly Centerpiece

Please note: The centerpiece will be stable enough for display purpose only. Make sure it is not touched roughly to avoid collapsing. To get a better stability the rolls can be filled with some weight, but this is not really necessary for the short time the piece will be displayed.

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