Lactose Intolerant

by Maria Angela Bernardi
(Galway, Irleand)

Leandro was born by c-section because he was on breech position. I read everything I could to be ready to breastfeed my baby immediately. So after the programmed cesarean the nurse put him on my breast and he latched on immediately which was something amazing. However my recovery was really bad, I had a bad reaction to the morphine and I was sick for about six hours, but even that didn't stop my decision to continue breastfeeding.

The first night was hard, he wanted to be fed all the time, the midwife ask me if I wanted to give him a bottle because he looked hungry and I looked tired and we were 4 in the room and rest of the mums wanted to have a rest, but I said NO. In the morning I was tired but exited and feeling much better.
I can't said it’s was any easy, breastfeeding it’s a hard work sometimes but you know it is the best thing for your child.
Then after a few weeks we found his bump was red, we tried different creams but nothing worked. Then one of the doctors suggested taking a stool sample to see if he was lactose intolerant.

I was so sad to hear it and on top of that he started to have colics, so bingo!.

The results: lactose intolerant. The paediatrician’s advice was to give him lactose free formula. I started to cry, I called a doctor friend of mine who supported my decision of continuing breastfeeding.

I did some research on the internet and found a lot of similar cases. I had to give him some drops before every feeding and I cut off all the dairies in my diet.
I have to say that the first four months were a challenge, Leandro had milk intolerance, reflux, even he had to wear a splint in his hips, but we kept on with the breastfeeding on demand.
He is thirteen months now and still breastfeeding, no regrets, it was and it is the best thing I could give to my child.

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Aug 07, 2011
Thank you for sharing your story
by: Sarit

Thank you very much for sharing your story with us.I think a lot of moms can study a lot from your story about persistence with breastfeeding despite difficulties.
Agian Thank You for inspiring me!

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