Still Going Strong even after 9 Months!!

by Danielle Kelly

So, I had written a story on here several months back regarding my problems with BF my 2nd Baby Girl and her cow's milk protein intolerance and our struggles with BF.
Here I am 9 months later and we are still BF! I am so proud of myself and her! She still gets supplemented with Nutramigen, she may even get a bottle from me once a day when I'm off just for a little "extra", but we BF every single morning whether I work that day or not, and every single night before bed, as well as 2 times during the day when I am off. She takes to the breast just as well as a bottle, sometime she prefers the breast - which makes me happy!
We have our nightly ritual of "skin to skin" still laying in my bed, even at this age it works. I let her take free reign of however she wants to nurse, however she's comfortable and it works well for us.
I still don't make much at all when pumping, even less now than back in July. I pump maybe an ounce each breast. If I am lucky an ounce and a half....IDK. But she does fine throughout the day if I am nursing her. She takes 3 solid food meals a day - and let me tell you: I surprised myself even with MAKING MY OWN BABY FOOD!! YES, I am still dairy free with my diet and I make my own dairy-free baby foods!
Anything, you name it, I puree it ;)
And she loves it. The few (3-4) times she had Gerber, or Beech Nut or Organic Happy Baby baby foods, she noticed a difference, even vomited one up after feeding ;) LOL
But we are trying to be as "natural" as possible.
I am for sure going to BF for 1 year, AT LEAST. If she wants to go longer and maybe BF every morning and night over 1 yr old - I am OK with that. Never thought I'd say that - but I LOVE it. We have a special bond and I don't ever want to break it.
Some of my friends find it wacky, and are even shocked I still nurse her at 9 months old with her 1 tooth ;)
But 1 year of BF is recommended and they have actually recently changed it to 2 - we shall see ;)
My Hubby jokes she will be running round at summer BBQ's this year and come to me and just lift my shirt up for a "snack" We won't go that far, there will be a time and place, she will have to learn. Even now, sometimes she tries to pull at my shirt in public and nestle into my chest but I am teaching her the word "No" - so she gets it, it's not for just anywhere. That's where our nursing cover comes into play :)
We are doing very well and I hope that all these stories on here can serve to help others and inspire.
I will keep you posted as to how we are doing later on....
Happy Holidays to everyone!

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