Infant Toys Age by Age

On this page you will find suggestions for infant toys that are suitable for the first year. Since every baby reaches his development milestones at different age, suitability of toys suggested for each stage is based on average baby development.

0-3 months infant toys

At this age you can introduce the following toys:

Mobile– hang over the crib so your baby can enjoy the movement the mobile provides, along with the soothing sounds. However, at this age your baby will not see an object best when it's about 20 cm away from his face. Try to find a mobile with contrasting colors and different geometric shapes. Most of the mobiles play music for 15 minutes which can allow you to take a break and relax.

Black and white toys- babies will respond best to bold contrasting colors such as black, white and red. These colors will captivate and hold your baby's attention. I recommend on putting black and white crib bumper panel which can also be used as bumper panel for stroller.

Mirror- Babies prefer a view of a human face so put an unbreakable mirror on their crib. Babies will be fascinated by their own reflection and may even begin smiling at their image in the mirror.

Activity mat- designed especially for babies to play with while on their tummy. Some have lights, mirrors, music and/or squeaky toys attached.

3-6 months infant toys

By the time babies are three months old they are beginning to interact with the world around them and many types of toys will capture their attention.

At this age you can introduce the following toys:

Soft toy- At this age babies can hold different objects. Now it is a great time to offer them toys with a variety of textures, sounds and colors.

Rattle - A practical toy for babies who are beginning to master grasping skills.

Teething ring - When babies begin teething, offer them a teething ring. Placing the ring in the refrigerator will help soothe their gums.

I recommend you to buy Sophie the Giraffe, it is safe and loved by all babies I know!

Musical toy - A musical toy that the baby can easily hold is recommended. Not only it has a calming affect on babies, it also develops their grasping skills.

6-9 months infant toys

At this age, your infant's motor skills are improving as he/she learns how to pick up a variety of objects.

Bath toys- By the age of 6 to 9 months babies begin to splash in the water with intent and purpose. This is the time to introduce bath toys that encourage water play. There are many lovely colorful toys on the market that can be filled in with water and then emptied as well as floating toys like boats and rubber ducks. Your baby will be fascinated, and bath time will turn from nightly ritual to the highly anticipated event of the day.

Ball – At this age you can introduce toys that roll or glide across the floor, these kinds of toys will encourage your baby to move. A ball is a great toy for your mobile baby. Start out by just letting him/her hold it. You can also play a game, roll the ball across the floor and encourage the baby to chase after it. Always remember to praise your baby for his efforts.

Books -Reading books to your baby can be a lot of fun and great way to boost his/her brain. Buy books with bold, interesting pictures, rhyming text and simple words that are easy for babies to follow.

Cause and effect toys- At this age your baby will become more interested in how objects interact with one another so choose toys that develop the reasoning skills. Offer your infant some blocks, he/she may be able to place one block on top of another and then knock them down.

9-12 months infant toys

Pull & Push toys - These are ideal for beginning walkers. Holding onto something gives babies more confidence. Look for Pull & Push toys with a quality construction, a comfortable height and a holding handle that fits nicely into the baby's little hands.

Interactive toys – An activity table is a useful toy that responds to your baby's actions. This table usually has an assortment of objects such as large colorful switches, big bright buttons, noisemakers, poppers, clickers and mirrors. The greatest advantage of this toy lies in its diversity as once your baby loses interest in one object, another will grab his attention. The toy also grows with your baby, at first it can sit on the floor and when your baby can stand up, legs can be added.
Language development toys - These can help your baby develop his language. Toys or cloth books that pronounce a word when a button is pressed are particularly useful at this stage.

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