Tea Garden Party Baby Shower
Theme  Ideas

When you are having a baby you will also want to have a baby shower. A tea party themed baby shower will be one of the best ways to celebrate your baby's’ arrival.

Tea Party Baby Shower Invitations 

The first thing that will need to be done to have your baby shower would be to create tea party invitations.

Some ideas for the invitations would be to have a big tea cup with a baby lying in the middle of it, with the words you’re invited to my tea party baby shower around the picture. You could also have pictures of tea cups with tea in them, or a picture of you holding a tea cup. As long as it goes along with the tea party theme, then you can put any picture on the invitation that you want. 

Below is a free printable invitation designed especially for this kind of party. Just fill in the details and send it to your guests. 

This invitation is part of our one style design, below you will also find food labels, little flags, banner, cupcake wrappers, cupcake toppers and thank you cards as well.

Click On The Photo To Download

Free Printable Tea Garden Party Baby Shower Invitation

Of course you can always buy a personalized invitation of your taste.

Blooming Teapot

Classic Teacups

Tea Party Baby Shower Decorations

The best thing about throwing a baby shower is that you will get to decorate the room any way you want to as long as it matches your theme. Tea party decorations will be fairly easy to create because you will mostly need tables, chairs, fancy place settings, and table clothes. You can choose different colors or use the colors of blue or pink depending on if you’re having a boy or a girl. You can place baby items on the tables for decorations as well.

Round Paper Lanterns

Heart Shaped Tea Infusers

Plantable Flower Confetti

Burlap Flower Place Card Holder

Free Printables Tea Party Decorations

We created Triangle Tea Party Baby Shower bunting flags that you can use freely for your own personal use.

  1. Download and print the PDF file.
  2. Cut out the triangle  (8.6cm*14.4cm).
  3. Fold and tie all the triangles with a string.  

Click On The Photo To Download

Free Printable Tea Party Baby Shower Bunting Flags

Free Printable Table Decorations

We have designed Tea Party Baby Shower table decorations for your personal use such as cupcake toppers, cupcake wrappers, food labels and flags.

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Free Printable Tea Party Baby Shower Cupcake Toppers
Free Printable Tea Party Baby Shower Cupcake Wrappers
Free Printable Tea Party Baby Shower Little Flags for Straws
Free Printable Tea Party Baby Shower  Food Card Tents for tables

Tea Party Baby Shower Games & Activities

All parties need games including baby showers. Tea party games for baby showers could include who can diaper a baby the fastest with their eyes closed?

You can also play dress the baby, or guess how many baby pins are in a jar. You can also play games that especially for tea parties such as who can drink the most tea in five minutes, guess how many tea bags are in the jar and guess the flavor of tea. 

Tea Party Baby Shower Printable Games

Here are some printable baby shower games made especially for the farm baby shower. You can use them freely.  

Baby Shower Gift Bingo

It is about time mother to be is going to open a lot of gifts!
Playing baby shower gift bingo is a great way to keep your guests entertained. Click for the instructions of this bingo game. 

Click On The Photo To Download

Free Printable Tea Party Baby Shower Bingo Blank Cards

Baby Shower The Price is Right

Many people like the game "The Price is Right" thus it may be great for baby shower.

Buy some baby products, ask your guests to bid on how much they think each product costs. 

This file includes a list of 6 baby products, use it freely. 

The guest with the most correct answers wins a prize.

Click On The Photo To Download

Free Printable Tea Party Baby Shower The Price is Right Game

Wishes for Baby

Give your guests a few minutes to fill out the cards with their hopes and wishes for the new baby.

Collect the cards and have the grandmother to be read the wishes out loud to the whole group.

Click On The Photo To Download

Free Printable Tea Party Baby Shower Wishes for Baby

Tea Party Baby Shower Food Ideas

Tea parties need to have food and there many different tea party food ideas to choose from. When you attend a traditional tea party you will see there is tea, cookies, and sometimes biscuits but normally that is all.

So when you have your tea party baby shower you will want to have some of the same kinds of food except maybe add a baby shower cake to the food table and some other drinks to choose from. You will not have to use only the traditional food items that are found at a real tea party, you can add any type of food you would want to, but it would be best to stick to finger foods. 

Here are some sweet ideas to place on your dessert table

Signature Petit Fours

Mini Personalized Baby Shower Brownie Favor Pops

Personalized Religious Themed Custom Cookies

Personalized Two Tier Mini Cakes

Tea Party Baby Shower Favors

After all the games are finished and everyone is starting to leave, you will want to send home party favors with them. You can create a small gift bag with different teas in them, or have personalized tea bags made to send home with each of your guest as a thank you for coming to the party. 

Porcelain Tea Caddy Favors

Personalized Baby Shower Tea Bags

Gourmet Tea Tins

Mini Teapot Favors

Free Printable Tea Pot Thank You Crads

Below you will find free printable Tea Pot Thank You gift tags for your personal use. "Thank you for coming to my Par-tea baby shower" is the saying we have chosen to write on these gift tags.

Click On The Photo To Download

Free Printable Tea Party Thank You Cards

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