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I want to share with you moms my special birth story.
I did not imagine that my fourth labor will be extremely fast and in an ambulance!


It all happened on Yom Kippur, September 27th 2009. This was my due date. On Yom Kippur everything in Israel stops, from TV to traffic. Many people who fast, traditionally pass their time by walking on the traffic free streets and chatting with friends. On that evening we took our kids and did what all people do in Israel on this special day.

After a short walk I found a place to sit and talk with my friends. Everyone told me that I looked like a woman who was going to deliver. I looked very tired and felt so, but then, it was Yom Kippur...

My husband and I thought a lot about the possibility that I might have contractions on Yom Kippur.

What are we going to do with our kids? Shall we take the risk and drive ourselves or call the ambulance? What will happen if I deliver in the car?

Well, like a prediction that comes true, when we came back home, a sharp pain crossed my belly but still I didn't think it was a contraction. After two minutes my water broke and then my husband called the ambulance and a friend.

Meanwhile, the contractions arrived every three minutes. I went down and waited for the ambulance. I walked in the street back and forth trying to relieve my pain. People who saw me asked if I needed help but I could not answer them, I felt I had to focus.

After five minutes the ambulance came, I lied down on the bed, I was bleeding and the contractions came every two minutes, I was in labor.

Next to me sat two young volunteers, on every contraction I squeezed their hands. I felt that the baby was going through me and that the head was there. I told them to check on me but they were not experienced. They just pull the blanket that covered me and said that they do not see the head. All that time I tried to concentrate and stay calm. The way to hospital looked to me like an eternity…

3 days old baby

When we arrived at the entrance of the hospital, I screamed at the paramedic, who was the driver, that I feel the head between my legs and I was right.
He stopped the ambulance, the head was between my legs, I pushed a little and the head was out and then pushed again and the baby was out.
He put my baby in my arms and took me to the delivery room.

In the delivery room the midwife pushed my belly and the placenta went out. The labor lasted 15 minutes, this was my fastest labor!

I wish to all of you moms to come, to have such a powerful experience. As every mom has her special birth stories I will be more than glad if you tell your birth story on my Practical Baby Guide.

Miracles happen and I had one in that delivery.

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