Breastfeeding Stories

Every mom who breastfed her baby has breastfeeding stories to tell. Breastfeeding stories describe the hard moments moms have been gone through when they first tried to breastfeed and the joy moments when they succeeded.

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Beyond the wonderful experience, breastfeeding is the best thing mother does for herself and for her baby. For extra details please see The Advantages of Breastfeeding.

Occasionally though, sometimes due to medical reasons for the mother, or just by personal choice, some new mothers and their medical team, do determine that breastfeeding can not be utilized for their baby's daily nutrition. In this situation, learning the advantages, and possible disadvantages, is very important if a formula-based diet will be initiated to prevent possible infant allergies or even discomfort to the newborn's ongoing health.
My first breastfeeding experience was twenty four hours after Cesarean Section. At first I tried to breastfeed by myself but my baby who was sleepy did not open his mouth. It took me an hour to wake him up and to latch him onto my breast.

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The second time I tried to breastfeed him I asked for a lactation consultant at the hospital. It is difficult to breastfeed after a Cesarean Section and I needed to find the right position so the baby could latch onto my breast. After getting the consultant instructions I was practicing breastfeeding for two hours.

The first days of breastfeeding are very difficult because you still feel pain in every part of your body and you are exhausted, but I was determined to succeed so I didn't let myself stop.

The problems started when I came home. I continue to breastfeed as I did at the hospital. I thought I succeeded to breastfeed and felt down when I realized that the baby had lost weight.

At that point I understood that I needed help. I called La Leche League
and they sent a lactation consultant to my home. It was so funny, the consultant demonstrated how to breastfeed on a doll. She then watched how I was breastfeeding and explained where I made mistakes. She encouraged me to keep on trying and breastfeed my baby more frequently even if I felt pain. From this point everything went well, my baby gained weight which was the sign that I succeeded to breastfeed him. In addition to that, my breasts became tender and my nipples had healed.

I continued to breastfeed and enjoyed every moment.
I breastfed my three kids and still breastfeeding my six old months baby.
I invite you to read some breastfeeding tips that will give you the best start possible.

Tell Other Moms About your Breastfeeding Experience

When moms share their breastfeeding story, it inspires and encourages other moms to consider breastfeeding.
If you would like have your story published here to be shared with other breastfeeding mothers create your own web page and add a picture if you want.
I am sure your story will provide the encouragement and inspiration that mom need for the journey.

What other moms have said

The following heartfelt stories were submitted by mothers from across the world.

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Having twins? With patients and determination breastfeeding twins is possible and is achieved by many mothers who even give birth prematurely.

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